Smiles of Ayo



Smiles of Ayo (SoA) is a non-profit foundation, which is active in Kenya. We are currently operating in the following areas; Nairobi, Coastal and Western regions.

Our Goal

Main goal is to transform the society to better the living conditions of the people through education and empowerment programs that targets women, youth, orphans and the less privileged. 

Our Mission:

To establish a firm ground for education, women and youth empowerment, and offer charity to other vulnerable groups in the society.

Our Vision:

To be the best foundation that will empower and transform the society socially and economically.

Our Objectives:

  • Enhance educational opportunities for the underserved in society.
  • Back school feeding programs to ensure children and youth have access to nutritious meals.
  • Identify and cultivate talents in children and youth.
  • Deliver entrepreneurship skills training and economic empowerment initiatives to support economically disadvantaged youth and women.
  • Enhance health conditions through the organization and sponsorship of medical check-ups, as well as the establishment of first aid kits in schools, centers, and homes.

Core Values

  1. Hope- giving hope to the hopeless
  2. Collaboration and Partnerships- synergizing efforts to realise a bigger achievement
  3. Integrity and Accountability- doing the right thing including prudent use of limited resources to benefit the needy

Theory of Change
SoA operates under the firm belief that breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in vulnerable societies is achievable through investing in the education and talents of children from less privileged communities. Additionally, the foundation is committed to empowering women and youth within these communities, enabling them to engage in meaningful and life-changing businesses or income-generating activities. Simultaneously, SoA ensures that these individuals have access to basic necessities such as food and healthcare, sustaining their well-being and progress.

St.Mary's school in Kibera Slum

Angel Girls Education and  Rehabilitation Centre in Mathare slum

St. George Othordox  in Kibera slum