Smiles of Ayo

Who we are

Founded in 2018, Smiles of Ayo (SoA) is a non-profit foundation based in the informal settlement of Kibera in Nairobi and operates in other regions in Kenya. Registered as a non-profit foundation in Kenya and lead by a team of volunteers, SoA is dedicated to bringing joy and uplifting the spirits of the less privileged members of our society. Our focus extends to poor children, orphans, individuals with disabilities, as well as women and youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. SoA is committed to transforming our community through a range of empowerment  programs designed to tackle crucial issues such as education, talent development and promotion, poverty alleviation, economic empowerment, as well as healthcare, hygiene, and sanitation.


 Joyner Odhiambo

Founder & CEO

Joyner Odhiambo is the CEO and Founder of Smiles of Ayo Foundation, known for her dynamic expertise in business management and finance. With a strong background in the non-profit sector, she has demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact on marginalized communities. Starting her career at the Kenya Youth Foundation, she gained valuable insights into charitable organizations' operational dynamics. Inspired by the pressing needs in slums and rural areas, Joyner founded Smiles of Ayo (SoA) Foundation to provide accessible education and empower communities for long-term sustainability and good health.
Under Joyner's leadership, SoA has achieved significant milestones, benefiting a great number of children through sponsorship programs and economically empowering numerous women, men, and youth. The foundation has forged partnerships with three schools, ensuring students receive essential nutritional support through a feeding program. In four years, SoA has implemented various programs, including Gender-Based Violence initiatives, hygiene projects, and talent nurturing programs, aligning with its goal of creating positive change within the community.
Joyner's leadership style, marked by simplicity and active engagement with her team, has facilitated successful collaboration with partners, donors, and individual contributors who share SoA's vision and mission.


Caren Silva

Board Member and Resource Mobilizer, Smiles of Ayo Foundation                                                                      

Caren Silva, a globally-minded Brazilian architect, serves as a dedicated Board Member and Resource Mobilizer for the Smiles of Ayo Foundation. With a 12-year career, including transformative work in Angola, Caren is an expert in architecture and urban planning. Graduating in 2002, she earned a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from PUC-PR and later pursued a Project Management MBA from São Paulo University and La Verne California University. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree at UTFPR, Caren stays at the forefront of her field, contributing cutting-edge insights to the foundation.

As a Board Member and Resource Mobilizer for Smiles of Ayo, Caren brings a wealth of experience, strategic thinking, and business acumen, contributing to the foundation's goals. Beyond her boardroom role, she actively mobilizes resources, aligning her dedication to sustainable urban solutions with the foundation's mission. Caren Silva exemplifies the fusion of professional excellence and social responsibility, shaping a brighter future for Smiles of Ayo Foundation beneficiaries.

Jeniffer Lajah

Foundation Treasurer

Jennifer Lajah is a dedicated professional and a vital member of the Smiles of Ayo (SoA) Foundation, serving in the capacity of Treasurer. With a background in accounts, she brings financial expertise to the foundation's leadership team.
Having previously held the role of Procurement Manager, Jennifer's strategic approach to financial management and procurement processes has been instrumental in the operational success of the foundation. Her commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency aligns with the core values of the Smiles of Ayo Foundation.
Currently, Jennifer Lajah holds the position of Head of Finance within the organization. In this pivotal role, she oversees and steers the financial landscape of the foundation, ensuring that resources are optimized to make a lasting impact on the lives of those the foundation serves. Her attention to detail, coupled with a passion for making a positive difference, has contributed significantly to the financial stability and growth of the Smiles of Ayo Foundation.
Jennifer's dedication extends beyond her professional responsibilities, as she actively participates in initiatives that resonate with the foundation's mission. Her commitment to uplifting communities and fostering positive change underscores her role not only as a financial steward but also as a compassionate advocate for the beneficiaries of the Smiles of Ayo Foundation.

Anina Schuler

Social Media Manager

 Anina Schuler is a dedicated individual with a passion for fostering positive change through her academic background and active involvement in social and cultural initiatives. She studied Socio-cultural, Information, and Communication, laying a solid foundation for her contributions to the Smiles of Ayo Foundation (SoA).
Anina is a valued member of the Communication and Social Department at SoA, where she leverages her knowledge and skills to enhance the organization's outreach and impact. Her academic background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the dynamics of societal interactions and communication strategies.
Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Anina Schuler plays a crucial role in the fundraising and mobilizing team at SoA. Her efforts contribute significantly to the foundation's mission, fostering positive change and bringing smiles to those in need. Anina's dedication to the cause is evident in her active involvement in various initiatives that align with SoA's goals.
With a strong foundation in socio-cultural studies and communication, Anina Schuler brings a unique perspective to the Smiles of Ayo Foundation.