Smiles of Ayo


Smiles of Ayo (SoA) is a non-profit foundation, which is active in Kenya, Nairobi (Kibera and Mathare).

Main goal is to better the living conditions of the people, especially in Kibera and Mathare.

Our Goals are:

  • Expansion of infrastructure, safe and direct access to clean water, electricity and sanitary facilities.
  • Children and youths having access to school and education while their individual talents get promoted.
  • Bettering the health conditions of the children in the slums, providing hygiene products.
  • Micro-business-program for women and youths
  • Further education for teachers
  • Charity-events
  • Forums for youths, men and women in terms of economy, family-planning and other important themes, which concern the local communities
  • Agri-/permaculture projects aiming towards self-sufficiency