Smiles of Ayo

Gardens of AYO

Smiles of Ayo wants to provide healthy and nutritious foods to support the feeding programs of the schools and the smiles of AYO activities.
We need to purchase some land to grow crops like maize, beans, peas, cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits.
With the agriculture project we'll be able to feed the children in the program and later also to sell products of the gardens to support and upgrade the project. With the coming community center we'll be able to train and teach farmers about sustainable use of their land, exchanging knowledge and doing practical experiments on the farmland.

SoA TAXI-Nairobi

Still aiming towards self sufficiency of the SoA-project, we need to run a business of our own so that we will have a regularly income.

For this reason we will purchase two cars (insert picture taxi 1). These cars will work for SoA as Taxis and for transport. With the income we will be able to pay the rent for an office which is very needed. Then while having an office we can also save money to buy a new taxi. This will happen after approximately two years.

In close future we will then be able to pay a loan for the office stuff, to start building a community center and also to pay for more of our activities without having to ask or beg for money. 

Community center

This project lies in the future after realizing the agriculture program 2019. It will be crucial to the activities of the foundation.

Through this community center we will have a safe safe-space for

  • The children to visit in holidays if they want to

  • Trainings in farming

  • Studios for sewing, printing and musical activities

  • A Library

  • And in time and with more construction work, we can think of an ecolodge, an orphanage better roads and a school to come.