Smiles of Ayo

Volunteers Policy

The foundation is looking forward to welcome volunteers from different countries both within and international, who are willing to help in one way or another with the various activities being carried out. The foundation will require the following:

Qualifications of the volunteers

Should be 18 yrs. old and over.

Should be coming to stay for at least 5 weeks and above. (below that maybe considered)

Should be willing to assist where necessary in terms of the foundation activities. 

Obligations and privileges

Volunteers are allowed to carry any donations or presents if they so wish to.

Volunteers are also requested to carry donations from other sponsors or well-wishers if need be.

Volunteers will have the chance to tour around if they want to as long as they inform the office early enough.

All volunteers will be under care of the foundation.

No illegal activities encouraged.

Volunteers will be expected to pay certain amount towards rent every month (fixed amount to everyone).

Volunteers will share the bills in the house where they will be living e.g. electricity, water, gas e.t.c.

Internet will be available for free. (provided by the office)

Volunteers’ ideas and suggestions are also allowed by the foundation.

Volunteer may or may not carry bedding like sheets for their own use if they want to. But the foundation will have some available for them.

Respect and cleanliness is paramount.

Volunteers will help each other with the house chose by dividing work if they can, like cleaning the house, cooking or washing dishes, OR can have house help which they have to pay…(volunteers can agree on what is best for them.)

Volunteers will provide for their own food. They can do this together or individually. 

Volunteers application form

To all those willing to volunteer kindly feel in the form below. we are more than willing to have you work with us in Kenya.