Smiles of Ayo


Smiles of Ayo (SoA) Foundation actively implements five primary programs, along with various other activities. These initiatives collectively enable us to achieve the goals and objectives set forth by the foundation.

I. Education 


Through this program, SoA endeavors to create opportunities and enhance access to education for bright and underprivileged children at the primary and secondary school levels. SoA covers school fees, provides school uniforms, shoes, and essential learning materials, among other necessary items, ensuring that these deserving children can pursue their education without hindrance.

high school students from kibra slum 

part of the kids in the sponsorship program from Mathare slum

some of the kids from kibra school beneficiary of the scholarship program

Academic Contest
This is our latest activity initiated  as part of the education program, we will be running academic contest twice per year. different high schools are allowed to enroll and participate in this amazing mind juggling academic activity. the students will be able to showcase their skills and knowledge in units like Mathematics, English ( word spell, debates,) history, economic political and geographical issues, among other broad topics. our main aim is to build the students confidence, enhance their knowledge skills & potential in all dimension.

II. Feeding Program

Due to the challenging circumstances faced by the children and their parents, the educational experience in schools is supported by the feeding program, which enhances their concentration levels during the learning process. SoA either produces or acquires food items to provide nourishment to school-going children. Additionally, the foundation extends its support by donating food to families in need, particularly during times of scarcity and crises.

III. Talents’ promotion

Individual talents have the potential to evolve into significant sources of livelihood in the future. SoA creates an environment that allows for the identification, audition, and nurturing of potential talents in children and youth from less privileged backgrounds. The foundation provides free professional training to empower them to pursue their life aspirations. Our focus encompasses a range of talents, including instrumentals, singing, dancing, acrobatics, ball games, and more.

IV. Community Empowerment/ Women Empowerment

SoA aims to enhance the capabilities of potential entrepreneurs and youth by providing entrepreneurship skills training. Additionally, the foundation extends small start-up capital to promising individuals, particularly youth and women, fostering their success in business, achieving economic stability, and meeting the needs of their families. This initiative is a response to the prevalent high unemployment and low-income levels in the urban slums and rural areas targeted by SoA. Over the next five years, the organization envisions reaching a minimum of 300 individuals through this program. Complementing this effort is an agricultural production component, where SoA collaborates with farmers, sharing production costs and empowering them to achieve high yields. These yields not only sustain their families but also contribute to supporting SoA's school feeding programs.

V. Health Education and Health Promotion (HEHP)

SoA is dedicated to fostering the health and well-being of underprivileged children and parents through this program. With the assistance of partners and in collaboration with stakeholders, SoA conducts campaigns to combat early and teen pregnancies. The foundation supplies sanitary towels/pads to young girls in urban slums and rural areas, facilitating their attendance in schools and enabling them to excel in their studies. SoA additionally sponsors healthcare check-ups for school children every three months and provides first aid training and kits to designated schools. Moreover, SoA intermittently contributes to covering the medical expenses of ill children and parents.

Target Group

Through its initiatives, SoA aims to make a positive impact on the lives of the underprivileged, impoverished, and vulnerable members of Kenyan society. These individuals are predominantly situated in urban informal settlements, rural impoverished areas, and the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya. Specifically, SoA focuses on benefiting poor children in primary, secondary school and colleges, as well as poor women and youth, including persons with disabilities