Smiles of Ayo

Sponsorship for Kids

Until now we are working together with three schools:

  • Open Gate school
  • St.George Orthodox
  • Angel girls Rehabilitation Centre

Currently we have 124 kids in the education sponsorship program and hoping to achieve/reach a higher number in the near future.
Considering the fact that the children vary in age, size and sex we will be working with an average budget per kid. This will enable as know approximately how much is needed to sponsor one kid per year. The foundation will be budgeting for Kshs 28,000/= (280 chf) annually (yearly) per kid. The money will cater for the following: 

  1. School fees for the whole year
  2. A pair of uniform
  3. School sweater
  4. Pair of shoes
  5. 2 Pairs of Socks
  6. Half dozen of exercise books
  7. Backpack
  8. Annual Christmas Party
  9. School Trip

Sponsorship is the back bone and major activity in the program. Under this umbrella we will be supporting kids who are total orphans, single parented and very needy as beneficiaries. This is done in a very exclusive way so that we have the right kids to support. The foundation will be providing the following:

  • Payment of school fees (half or full payment) depending on the available cash and sponsor's ability.
  • Provide full school uniform every year i.e. shoes, sweater and uniform.
  • Provide school stationaries (not guaranteed) through donations or if the sponsor is willing to provide. i.e. books, pens, rulers. 
  • Birthday parties and presents for the kids if only the sponsor wants that and willing to support
  • Other donations and presents from sponsors to the kid are allowed.



 Smiles of Ayo carries out farming, and using the end products to support feeding program which was introduced in the 3 schools we are working with and also donate some to the needy families.

SoA also carry out training to men, women and youth in different communities especially in rural areas to practice more of farming in order to be self-employed and also provide for their families without too much struggles. We do practice farming both on small and large scale for the kids also to learn while in school.

Nurturing Talents:

In this program we help kids and youth realize their talents and make good use of them by giving them professional training and platform to showcase them. This way they can make their dreams come true. We focus on 

  • instrumentals
  • singing and dancing
  • acrobat
  • ball games 

Community empowerment:

 The foundation is currently offering business training and startup capital to the youth, men and women in the society to empower them economically and also to stabilize them financially. High percentage of people in the slums and rural areas are unemployed with no source of income so through our empowerment program we are able to help out with training and capital to start small business. Our main target is to reach out to 300 people within the next 5 years.


Health Care:

 Smiles of  Ayo Foundation provide health checkups after every 3 months to the kids in the schools we are working with, it also offers first aid training and kits both in schools and at home.we also carry out medical camps in the communities.

Our foundation also carry out campaigns against early pregnancy among young generation. We also do provide sanitary towels to our girls from the slum communities and rural areas to enable them be in school throughout. Majority of the girls do not attend school during their periods due to lack of sanitary towels and so through this initiative we are able to keep most of them in school by donating the pads.

If interest to support this initiative you can donate towards the purchase of sanitary towels or volunteer to help create awareness on early pregnancy among teenagers.